Free spay and neuter clinic coming to a community near you

SALINAS, Calif. - On Sunday there will be free spay and neuter services offered in Castroville, then next month it will be happening in Carmel Valley, and King City following that. This is a new trend by two non-profits who are hoping to make a difference in the growing Central Coast pet population . 

Friends of Community Animal Services (FOCAS) has teamed up with Animal Friends Rescue Project (AFRP) and that partnership will benefit pets throughout the county.

"They happened to have a spay/neuter vehicle. I said how about we partner and make this happen. And we've been rolling since," said De Groodt. 

Barbara De Groodt owns 'From the Heart Dog Training' in Salinas, she's also the president of FOCAS. The goal of the non-profit is to make the lives better for all animals. She says dumping of dogs and cats is not uncommon in South County, but that's just part of a much  bigger problem... the overpopulation of animals.

"We have such an overpopulation in Monterey County of animals, and unfortunately our euthanasia rates are extremely high. So anything we can address, so we don't have extra puppies and kitties around, it will benefit the community," said FOCAS President, Barbara De Groodt. 

Each month FOCAS AND AFRP will be in different communities throughout Monterey County offering free spay and neuter services.  Right now they are focusing on cats before kitten season starts in spring. 

Appointments are required for the free spay/neuter clinic. You can sign your animal up here. To donate or learn more about FOCAS.

FOCAS runs 100% on donations.

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