Gavilan College kicks 17 football players off team

Gavilan College kicks 17 football players off team

HOLLISTER, Calif. - Gavilan College cut 17 football players from the team claiming the athletes were given unfair benefits and were improperly recruited to play at the school. 

According to officials at Gavilan College, a parent reached out to the school regarding concerns she had about her sons living arrangements. That phone call led to an investigation.

"By the end of the month, the investigation found evidence of irregularities in recruiting and subsidizing student athletes in violation of the California Community College Athletics Associate rules," said Gavilan College. 

Two assistant coaches have also been placed on administrative leave.

According to Gavilan football player, Terrance Cherry, all 17 players lived in a three bedroom home in Hollister rent free for the month of August. All of the players but one are African American and they told KION they believe the college removed them out of racial bias. 

Cherry said he had come to the Central Coast area with $1,200 and was ready to pay rent and living expenses. The athletes said the landlord told them they didn't have to pay rent the first month of August and to use that money on books and school supplies. 

Cherry said the players weren't given a fair chance to seek legal representation and that he feels the school was just looking for any way to get rid of them. 

KION's Linda Zhang will have more at 5 and 6 p.m. 

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