Gilroy Police find skimming devices at local gas stations

A number of credit card fraud victims reported

GILROY, Calif. - UPDATE: As the investigation into Gilroy credit card fraud continues, more skimmers have been found. 

According to Gilroy Police, two additional skimmers were located at the Chevron gas station at 7999 Westwood Drive in Gilroy. Earlier this week, authorities found a skimmer at the Valero off of First street. Police said both gas stations are cooperating with the investigators as they search for the dates when the skimmers were installed. 

"At this time it appears the skimmers have been on the pumps for no less than two weeks," said Gilroy Police. 

Police advise folks who have used their credit/debit cards at either Valero Gas on 1190 First Street or the Chevron on Westwood Drive to check your bank statements. 

The department said it's receiving an overwhelming amount of reports for debit/credit card fraud involving skimmers and ask the public to visit to complete a Fraud Incident Form. 



If you pumped gas at a station in Gilroy recently you might want to check your bank statements. 

Gilroy Police said a number of people who paid for gas at the Valero on 1190 First Street became victims of credit card fraud. 

During the investigation, a skimming device was found on gas pump #2. 

"It was not visible from the outside of the gas pump. The skimming device was removed at about 10:00 a.m. today(Monday)," said Gilroy Police. 

No additional skimming devices were found. Police believe the skimming device was active for at least a week if not longer. 

Any additional victims are encouraged to call the Gilroy Police Department at 408-846-0350.

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