CHP asks community to report out-of-state registration violators

Local push to report out of state...

SALINAS, Calif. - On Central Coast roads, there are license plates from Georgia, Maine and many other states.

Salinas resident Angie Martinez said she sees them often.

"Washington. I think Kansas, but mostly Arizona," Martinez said.

California law requires people to pay their registration fees immediately upon establishing residency or accepting a job in the state.

It also gives a 20-day grace period to complete the registration without paying a penalty. 

But some people are visiting, while others could be migrant workers, mostly coming from Arizonia, or Californians breaking the rules.

"We see a lot of vehicles on the coast. Maybe Ferrari, Lamborghinis. Those vehicles typically are just trying to avoid the high cost of registration, which could be in the thousands," said Ruben Gonzales, with the California Highway Patrol.

And you don't have to drive a high-end car to be charged the big bucks.

A KION viewer said on Facebook he spent almost $500 for two old cars, and another viewer paid $450.

Registration isn't cheap and enforcement can be challenging, so many people trying to slip through the cracks.

Unfortunately, when they do, so does the money that goes to pay for roads and highways.

"(That’s) not right because then we lose out on our money," Martinez said.

That's why the Highway Patrol is asking residents for help, using the Cheaters website to report out-of-state license plates.

"It's only fair for everybody to pay California registration. We are all using the roads," Gonzales said.

Gonzales said those who travel between California and another state for work can get dual registration, keeping the title of their car in the other state and paying the California registration for part of the year.

To report vehicles with out-of-state license plates, click HERE.


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