Gunshot detection program, ShotSpotter, could detect extra loud fireworks

Fireworks and Shot Spotter

SALINAS, Calif. - For over six months, the Salinas Police Department have used the gunshot detection program ShotSpotter to identify where and when shots are fired around the City, but tonight it could be detecting more than just gun shots. 

Salinas fire and police have made it clear that illegal fireworks will not be tolerated and are asking for the public’s help in locating those that fire them off. As for those real loud illegal ones, a phone call might not even be necessary as ShotSpotter could be sending the coordinates right to the police.   

"It goes off for some fireworks when they are especially loud. That kind of hurts us on the July 4th and the days before the fourth when fireworks are going off. Even shots fired calls. A lot of people think it fun to shoot guns in the air. So we are going to be busy," said Sergeant Gerry Ross.

It is a felony to shoot a gun into the air. SPD will have extra patrols out through the night.


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