Half a million dollars worth of pot stolen from Hollister dispensary

Hollister, Calif. - The owner of a cannabis dispensary in Hollister said $500,000 worth of marijuana product was stolen from his business. 

According to the San Benito County Sheriff's Office, on November 21, deputies were called out to Purple Cross Rx at 1980 Bolsa Road regarding a burglary. 

The owner told authorities that his pot dispensary had been burglarized sometime between November 17 and November 21. He stated that 250 pounds of marijuana plant trimmings and 300 pounds of processed marijuana were taken from his property. 

"The owner believed there may have been two separate events that had taken place.  He explained that in the event involving the 300 pounds of processed marijuana, the product was taken from a “hidden/secured” room.  That was determined to be a possible embezzlement or civil matter," said the San Benito County Sheriff's Office. 

The second burglary occurred during the same timeframe between November 17-21. The 250 pounds of marijuana tops (top of plants cut off) had been taken from an area the owner said was in a secure greenhouse. The Sheriff's Office said this was determined to be a burglary that was separate from the embezzlement. 

In both burglaries there was no forced entry into Purple Cross. The surveillance camera system had been disabled. 

On November 22, around 1:45 a.m. deputies were called back to Purple Cross on the report of an attempted burglary and shots fired. The guard told deputies he saw two people inside a greenhouse in hooded sweatshirts, masks and sunglasses. 

"One of the males had a white “bag” in his hand while the other had what appeared to be a knife.  As the guard was ordering the males out of the greenhouse, the one with the alleged knife took an aggressive stance and moved toward the guard.  The guard fired one shot and the subjects turned and ran away.  It is unknown whether or not the subject was hit.  There was no blood evidence located at or near the property," said the Sheriffs Office.

Deputies found a white pillow case with marijuana tops and a large metal spike next to where the two people jumped over a fence and got away. 

Anyone with information is urged to contact 831-636-4084. 

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