Health Department gets $6 million to expand mental health services in South County

MONTEREY COUNTY, Calif. - Monterey County will get more substance use disorder treatment services and expand mental health services with the help of state funds.

$6 million dollars has been awarded to the Monterey County Health Department’s Behavioral Health Bureau. The funding is from a voter initiative that reduces felonies to misdemeanors for certain low-level crimes and directs the savings to rehabilitative programs.

The funded project is called, “No Zip Code Left Behind.” Health officials said the project will bring use disorder treatment services and expand existing mental health services to South Monterey County. Two new service sites will be established in King City to provide substance use disorder treatment and serve a minimum of 100 people per year.

Supervisor Simone Salinas said, “This project will begin to fill the gaps for Substance Use Disorder services, in South Monterey County.”

The grant also includes funding for a sobering center, job training, civil legal services, restorative justice and case management.

“This project involved extensive collaboration with south county leadership and local law enforcement as well as our south county mental health commission sub-committee which has been working for the last few years to address the inequity in South County” said Dr. Amie Miller, Behavioral Health Director.   “Obtaining this grant was possible because it built upon years of planning and work with local stakeholders who have clearly articulated the need for services in their community.  The sobering center funded with this grant represents a new opportunity to divert people from jail and into treatment – we have been appreciative of the support from local law enforcement, especially the Sheriff’s office as we plan for this innovative project.”

Monterey County was one of 23 awarded for the first round of funding from Prop 47.

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