Heat wave impacts Monterey Regional Airport

Southwest heat wave prompts Monterey...

MONTEREY COUNTY, Calif. - The Monterey Regional Airport is dealing with the effects of a heat wave in the southwestern region of the country.

Some flights were delayed or cancelled on Tuesday because of the heat including flights to and from Phoenix, Arizona where temperatures flirted with 120 degrees.

“The airport there is capable of handling some of the traffic there, but some of the aircraft because of their operation envelope can’t operate in that high of heat,” said Mike La Pier, Executive Director of Monterey Regional Airport.

A Carmel Valley resident told KION she was stuck in Phoenix for 24 hours and the heat was unbearable.

"You know you could really feel it, your head was all scrambled because I had to stand in line for the hotel shuttle, it was awful,” Fran said.

Some planes are not able to take off when the temperatures are so high because the air becomes so thin that the wings on some planes can’t create enough lift to get airborne.

The heat will continue to be dangerous over the next few days.


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