Highway 156 construction will last through end of year

CASTROVILLE, Calif. -  A project designed to keep drivers safe is underway in Castroville.

"It's something to help motorist not veer off the road," said Caltrans PIO Susana Cruz.

The multi month project will entail constructing a high-tension cable barrier in the median, and rumble strips on the outside shoulder.

"As people are drifting so they don't go in the median they would hear a high friction noise when they hit the rumble strips. And then the high-tension barrier is like a concrete barrier without the concrete. It can help with drainage and sometimes if animal's go across the freeway," said Cruz.

A 1.5 mile section of road will be worked on, from the highway 1/156 separation to the pedestrian overhead. Officials said you could see up to 15 minute delays.

"They are always checking out different highways and data. Depending on the volume, depending on the accident data, they see what's fit," said Cruz.

The project is expected to take about four months.

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