Hollister: Officer recovering after injury investigating explosive device

HOLLISTER, Calif. - A Hollister Police Officer was injured while investigating what sounded like a large explosive going off in a residential neighborhood.

According to Hollister Police, Officer Rudy Rodriguez responded to what sounded like an M80 in the 1400 block of El Cerro Drive. On August 8, neighbors told police a juvenile had set off an explosive in the middle of the street. 

A 15-year-old admitted to making a chemical bomb and exploding it in the court. He told police he learned how to make them through a friend and by watching videos online. He then told Officer Rodriguez where the remnants of the device were located. 

Police said the chemical bomb had been placed in a garbage container at a home on the street. When Officer Rodriguez investigated the device he became exposed to the chemical vapors and experienced symptoms of chemical exposure. Hollister Fire was called to make sure there was no further danger to neighbors. 

Officer Rodriguez was taken to Hazel Hawkins Hospital for treatment and decontamination. He returned to work two days later. 

The department wants the public to know making an explosive device can lead to arrest with misdemeanor or felony charges. The 15-year-old was given a citation and released to his parents. 

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