Hollister soldier gets surprise welcome home parade

A hero's welcome home caught live on Central Coast News

HOLLISTER, Calif. - After two tours and a Purple Heart medal, a soldier from Hollister received a surprise welcome home party Wednesday evening after serving in Afghanistan.

Sgt. Clay Swanson, 23, pulled up to his home, tired after a long trip, but with a motorcade of veterans following, waving American flags. His family and friends greeted him with smiles and hugs. Hollister's police chief thanked the schools and teachers who announced his arrival to their students and encouraged participation.

Parents brought their kids and friends to welcome Swanson home.

Swanson said the community's support is one reason he keeps deploying and doing it all over again!

His contract with the Army ends in June. After that, he's thinking about becoming a police officer.

The PGR & American Legion was on hand, continuing its effort to support returning troops.

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