Holman Highway 68 roundabout closure

Monday kicks off a 10-day construction phase on the Holman Highway 68 roundabout project.

The construction will cause a complete shutdown of the southbound Highway 1 on-ramp through next Tuesday.

After that it will be closed at night through the early hours of June 29th.

The Transportation Agency for Monterey County says after this phase of construction, the commute in the area should be a lot smoother.


"Overall, the project's moving very well now that we're out of the rainy season," said Grant Leonard, transportation planner with TAMC. "This is the last big area that we really need to work on that requires a closure."

Leonard says the intersection has already seen a dramatic change in a short time.

"Over the last couple weeks we've been building the center island at the roundabout which is what most people think of as a roundabout," said Leonard.

Some Central Coast drivers had positive reviews of the new roundabout.

"I tried it for the first time the other day and it seemed to be going well," said Cathy Bargenquast.

Others had mixed opinions.

"We'll see once they have more signage and you can see the yield signs and it's a little more clear about who has the right of way and who doesn't," said Tara Sluyter. 

While the construction may be a headache for some now, TAMC says the roundabout will not only reduce traffic, it could save lives.

"You don't have the ability to do a 't-bone' type of collision," says Leonard. "You may get some fender benders but they're not as serious or life threatening and it also benefits the environment by reducing congestion."

After the June construction, TAMC says minor projects will be worked on through the estimated time of completion between September and October.

If you're coming from Pacific Grove or Community Hospital TAMC says to take a detour at Munras Avenue and make a u-turn.

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