Huge pot grow bust in Modesto

4,000 marijuana plants confiscated

MODESTO, Calif. - Four thousand marijuana plants have been seized in Modesto. 

A multiple agency operation raided the drug camp right next to the City of Modesto Water Treatment Plant. Drug agents from the Stanislaus Drug Enforcement Agency found the encampment on a ranch that was surrounded by water.

SDEA, California Department of Fish and Wildlife Wildlife Officers with two Warden K-9 teams, and the Modesto Police Department raided the site.

Five suspects were apprehended, two by the K-9 units. They were arrested for possession of marijuana for sale, cultivation, pollution of water ways, illegal dumping, and immigration holds.    

Santos Zavala, Humberto Salgado, Gilberto Lizarraga, Rafael Medina and Indolfo Romero were arrested.

The complex of grow sites used water pumps, a generator, and several miles of water lines. A camp was set up with tents, a fully equipped kitchen, and two tons of garbage. That trash, along with hazardous waste, was polluting the San Joaquin River.

4,216 total plants, which weighed 2,000 pounds, were confiscated.

Agents estimate the harvested street value to be more than $12.5 million.

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