Jack Johnson releases music video tribute to Big Sur

BIG SUR, Calif. - Jack Johnson has released a music video for his song titled, "Big Sur."

The song opens with:

"Behind the wheel against the road,
Next to you the central coast
The central thought within my mind
Is how to stay within these lines, but still be free"

The tune is said to be a love song to Johnson's wife Kim. It describes his enjoyment with surfing and being on Central Coast beaches.

During an interview with CNN, Johnson talked about the meaning behind the ode. He said, "driving away from all those things that can load up on your mind and weigh heavy on you. Big Sur is about escaping all of that. In the song, I refer to the lines of the road driving up — but it's also the lines of society that confine us. Big Sur is one of those places for me where you can find freedom."

Watch the video here:


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