"June gloom" welcomes visitors

Cloudy start to June

In San Diego they call it "June gloom", on the Pacific Northwest they refer to it as "June-uary." Whatever you call it, the cloudy weather has been keeping people bundled up along the beach. 

"When people come from out of town they think California is all like LA and you know, sunny all the time,"said Monterey resident Noel Elpeds. Elpeds walks his dog on the beach in Monterey every morning. He said that the clouds don't bother him.

"I'm pretty use to it. I've lived on this coast most of my life and it's just an all year round thing," he said.

The cloudy skies, or the "June gloom," comes from low-lying clouds that get blown from the ocean onto the peninsula, and when tourists get to the shores they see something surprising. 

"It kind of shocked me down here down on the Monterey cape, peninsula that the weather was like this today," Said Jese of Boston. He said he is thankful he went to the beach down south.

Roselie Flores, at the Monterey Visitors Center said that the weather is often the first thing visitors notice.

"Almost every day people come in and they look at the weather." Flores said she explains to the visitors that the clouds usually burn off by the early afternoon and roll back in at night but nevertheless everyone has their own taste, and some even like the clouds. 

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