Jury Duty Scam Hits Central Coast

Scammer threatens jail time for failing to appear in court

HOLLISTER, Calif. - If it can happen to the daughter of a police officer, it can happen to you.  We have information on another scam.  In this one, the caller poses as a police officer and threatens jail time for apparently missing jury duty. 

Gilroy mother Paige Aguirre said a man called her and identified himself as a Hollister police lieutenant.  He demanded she pay $380 in cash or be arrested in 15 minutes.  He had all of her information and said she skipped jury duty a few weeks prior.  She knew something wasn't right and called Hollister Police before taking any action.

"I don't think scam because it was so high pressure, yelling at me, do you want to go to jail, serious matter, leave where you are at, so official police scanner in background, like police radio," Aguirre said.

Paige said her friend also received the same scam phone call on Monday.  She posted the warning on Hollister's Neighborhood Watch Facebook page, and soon realized there were many other people who had also been contacted.

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