Las Vegas shooting hits close to home for Hartnell student

SALINAS, Calif - You could hear a pin drop at the Student Center at Hartnell College just hours after the deadliest mass shooting in modern U.S. History. 

"There was nothing anyone could have done and this is scary to think this is happening right in our backyard," student Christina Doyle said.   

Doyle woke up this morning to the news that hundreds of unsuspecting concert goers in Las Vegas were shot including someone she has known since the 4th grade. 

"Her and her husband were victims. She was grazed in the head. He was shot in the stomach,” Doyle said.  

The couple is Lara and Brian Mack out of Santa Barbara. Lara now has a long gash on the top of her head. Brian is in the ICU after undergoing abdominal surgery. Both are expected to make full recoveries, according to Lara’s Facebook.  

On Monday, Hartnell president Willard Lewallen wanted to take time to speak directly to students about the shooting, calling the events horrific. He also wanted to follow President Trump's request for a national moment of silence for the victims. 

"We can't just keep our hand down and say 'well that doesn't involve me directly,’ said Lewallen. “It does, because we are all a part of that human family."  

Lewallen also says, though terribly tragic, it's a learning moment.  

"To me, the only thing we can learn is let's try to keep each other close and take care of one another and appreciate one another because that's all we have in the end," Lewallen said.

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