Lawsuit filed against Carmel man for alleged racial attack

CARMEL, Calif. - A lawsuit filed Friday alleges that a Carmel man purposely ran someone over twice because of their race. 

According to documents sent to KION from the victim's lawyer,  the "hate crime" occurred on February 17 as Amro Radwan was leaving dinner with family in Carmel.

Radwan is an Egyptian Muslim. 

The lawsuit stated that Robert Terrence Budden mowed down Radwan as he was helping his wife get into her car on Mission Street. 

"As Plaintiff (Radwan) rose off the ground, he called out to Defendant (Budden) to stop his vehicle and exchange information concerning the incident. Despite these efforts, Budden continued driving, thereafter stopping a short distance away solely due to present traffic conditions," states the lawsuit. 

As Radwan confronted Budden he "verbally insulted" him and "used vulgarity" and quickly attempted to leave the scene, says the lawsuit. 

When Radwan tried to stop the car he was hit again and suffered serious injuries, according to the lawsuit. 

"The Plaintiff (Radwan is informed and believes and, on the basis, alleges that Defendant's (Budden's) conduct was motivated, at least in part, by Defendant's perception of Radwan's ethnicity," said the lawsuit. 

The lawsuit was filed by Scott Cole & Associates. 

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