Lightning sparks multiple fires in South Monterey County

SOLEDAD, Calif. - UPDATE 8/11/2017 9:54 p.m.: Cal Fire says lightning sparked 15 fires in Monterey County Monday. All fires have been contained and a total of 75 acres burned.

Though storms may pass Cal Fire says lightning's affects can remain.

"Sometimes it can start a fire that kind of smolders in some brush or maybe the base of the trees," Jonathan Pangburn with Cal Fire said, "It may not pick up for a few days until the temperature warms up and some wind gets on it to help fan the flames and start to spread it through the neighboring vegetation."

Cal Fire says that we are still in peak fire season and preparing your home is key to protecting it.

For tips on how to do that click here.

UPDATE: 9/11/2017 5:40 p.m. According to Cal Fire, the fire burning east of San Lucas in Pine Valley is 100 percent contained. 

UPDATE: 9/11/2017 4:22 p.m. Cal Fire is at the scene of a 2-acre fire in Monterey County. 

The blaze ignited at Highway 198  X Pine Valley, east of San Lucas. 

UPDATE: 9/11/2017 3:29 p.m. Cal Fire is at the scene of another 1-acre fire in Monterey County. 

The fire in the Johnson Creek area East of Gonzales started just after 3 p.m. 


At least 1,400 lightning strikes hit the Central Coast between midnight and 12 p.m. Monday.

Since then at least  five fires have been sparked in South Monterey County. 

Soledad Fire officials said at least one of those fires was likely started by lightning strikes just after 2p.m. Monday near Camphora Gloria Road. The fire there grew to at least 2 acres. 

Currently, fire crews are fighting the blaze by air and ground.

Cal Fire is at the scene of another 1-acre fire West of Pinnacles E of Soledad. 

Around 10:30 a.m. Monday, crews contained a 1/2 acre fire at Vineyard Canyon Road in Parkfield. The cause of this fire was a lightning strike. 

Camphora Gloria road is closed while crews work to put the fire near Soledad out. 

KION is working to gather more details as the active weather continues.

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