Local shark researchers recognized on Shark Week episode

MOSS LANDING, Calif. - To many, sharks can be a bit frightening, especially when you see them first hand. But to Victoria Vasquez, not so much. Researching sharks for the past few years at Moss Landing Marine Labs, Vasquez helped discover a new species. One that glows in the dark, called the Ninja Lantern Shark.

"With that discovery, people were really excited about it and they kept asking me what it was like,” said Vasquez. “But they kept wanting this really detailed story of me being out in the field."

And it wasn’t until Shark Week rolled around that she was able to get that experience. Her, alongside Dr. David Ebert of Moss Landing Marine Labs, were featured on an episode of Alien Sharks, journeying to Tokyo Bay in the search for what is known as a Goblin Shark.

"I got to feel like I was in the moment of science as it was happening," said Vasquez. “It was insane because it was like all of my books were coming to life."

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