Los Padres National Forest closes key trails on Monterey Ranger District

KING CITY, Calif. - Officials with Los Padres National Forest issued a new order to maintain a temporary closure of key trails, and camps on the Monterey Ranger District.

The temporary closures are for Pine Ridge, Terrace Creek and Ventana Camp trails, as well as Barlow Flats, Sykes, Redwood, Terrace Creek and Ventana Camps. 

The closure order is said to keep visitors safe from the Soberanes Fire burn area. Officials said the closure will remain in effect until the hazardous trails conditions can be mitigated. 

"Adequate surveys of these trails are being undertaken to determine the amount of damage, the subsequent repair needs, environmental planning, and funding sources to accomplish the necessary trail repair work before allowing public access to these popular trails and camps," said the Monterey Ranger District. 

Forest Service Officers will enforce the new closure order. Anyone caught within the closed area will face a penalty of $5,000 and/ or six months in jail. The order is set to expire by November 6, 2018. 

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