Measure X funds slowly coming in

X funds to fix Monterey County roads...

MONTEREY COUNTY, Calif. - Central Coast roads are still feeling the impact of winter weather with plenty of potholes left behind. But funds from Measure X are starting to slowly come in to pay for repairs. 

Drivers in Monterey County know that driving their everyday routes may be a problem in some areas because of pot holes and uneven roads. Right now the county is in the process of figuring out which areas need the most help. 

 Potholes. If you live and drive in Monterey County, chances are you've seen them, hit them, and maybe even had to take your car to the shop for a repair.

"Pop your tire, bend your rim, or snap one of the components of your suspension," said One Stop Auto Mechanic, Carlos Lopez.

The mechanics here at One Stop Auto in Salinas say damage from pot holes is something they see often.

"Yes, i have. Especially in the business area and South Main Road and Old Town Salinas," said One Stop Auto Owner, Berry.

Fortunately, a voter-approved measure, that went into effect on April first, will eventually pay for a smoother drive.

"Measure X was the 3/8's percent sales tax that voters approved back in November and what it did is raises approximately 600-million dollars over 30 years for basic road maintenance, safety, and mobility improvements in Monterey County," said TAMC's Community Outreach Coordinator, Theresa Wright.

That money collected by the state will eventually be returned to the Transportation Agency for Monterey County to fix city and county roads.
"So there's not going to be a lot of money initially, it's gonna trickle in and over time it will build. But we are optimistic that some of the smaller projects can start by october," said Wright.

In fact, cities and the county have already started planning which roads they will go after first, but when it comes to the county's highways, Caltrans comes into play.

"Safety is our top priority so whenever there's a pothole that's on a significant freeway or significant size, no matter what time of year it is, we will fix it," said Caltrans PIO, Susana Cruz.

So if you think the pothole problem isn't going away, think again.

"Everybody knows it's an issue and everybody's got a problem and i think that they're really anticipating having the ability to move forward and make those repairs and so they're looking to us to say hey when is that distribution coming in and when can we anticipate that we'll get some of that funding," said Wright.

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