Meeting discusses Lapis Road Parking Program

Lapis Road Safe Parking Program

MARINA, Calif. - A safe parking program to ease traffic on Lapis Road was the hot topic at a meeting in Marina Monday night. 

The meeting comes after a safe parking program that was supposed to start last Friday was delayed. Monday, county officials told the community what they're doing to work on a solution.

Vehicles camping on Lapis Road near Marina has been a major issue this year. Supervisor Jane Parker hosted a Monday night meeting to update the community. 

A panel of speakers featured county officials, Marina leaders and even a Lapis Road resident.

"What was most important was dialogue with the community and to let the community know that we are open to hearing," said Elliott Robinson with Monterey County Social Services.

Right now the county is looking into a partnership with the One Starfish Safe Parking Program that already operates around the peninsula.

"Not only do they bring people back onto their feet, they bring the resources that we have contractually but they also have community resources," said Robinson.

City leaders in Marina want a program that would have other Central Coast cities sharing safe parking responsibilities.

"On a one year rotation basis where it's in Marina for one year then it's in Monterey for one year and then Carmel and then Pacific Grove and then Seaside and then it's our turn again," said Marina mayor Bruce Delgado.

Though Monterey County officials say a one year rotation program could be possible, they're hoping that all of Monterey County can come together to find a solution.

"Honestly, it would be best if every community had a robust safe parking program," Robinson said.

Until a solution is found, the parking program at lapis road is still in effect.

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