Memorial wall at Seacliff State Beach to be torn down

APTOS, Calif. - A stone wall along Seacliff Beach has become a place for expressions of love- and memories of those who have passed. Everyday beach goers walk by and remember loved ones.

"There's something holy about this place," said Aptos resident Ray Wolfe.

Wolfe walks to the wall a few times a week to visit his wife's memorial. She died three years ago after they were married for almost 60 years.

"A lot of people walk and say hello to my wife. That's very personal to me," said Wolfe.

Although the wall is right next to the state beach, it's actually on private property, and the owner wants to tear down the memorial. Residents don't understand why.

"That's somebody's life that's memorialized. Why would you want to take it down? ," asked beach goer Jeniffer Derenia.

The Santa Cruz County supervisor of the area, Zach Friend, is working to bring the property owner together with the community in hopes of figuring out a solution.

"I hope we can reach some sort of compromise on this because it very sad," said Wolfe.

A petition now circulating already has over 2,700 signatures from people who want to save the memorial. The goal is to get 5,000 before Aug. 30th, that's the day the wall is set to come down taking hundreds of memories along with it.

"if someone removed your grave stone, how would you feel? ," said Derenia.

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