Monterey County Deputy pays for hotel room, so local family has place to sleep

MONTEREY COUNTY, Calif. - Though he did not request recognition, one Monterey County Sheriff's Office Deputy is being applauded for helping a local family in need.

Late Thursday night, a Deputy found a vehicle parked along a roadway in northern Monterey County. He stopped to check the vehicle and found a family of 6 sleeping inside.

After speaking with members of the family, the Deputy discovered they had recently fallen on hard times and six family members, including two small children, were now living out of their vehicle.

The Deputy was concerned with the family's well being now that overnight temperatures are in the low 40s. He decided he would pay for a hotel for the family to stay in, so the children could have a warm safe place to spend the night.

The Sheriff’s Office would like to remind everyone that the County of Monterey has several resources to assist families who are in need. They encourage anyone in need of assistance to contact the Sheriff’s Office or call 211.

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