Monterey County may soon have first official County flag

SALINAS, Calif. - Monterey County may soon have its first ever official County flag, and officials could use your help picking a design.

This week, Monterey County Supervisor Luis Alejo submitted a referral to the Board of Supervisors to adopt the flag. As of now, only 24 of 58 counties in California have adopted an official flag.

Area counties like Santa Cruz, San Benito and Santa Clara have already adopted flags and the City of Watsonville adopted its official flag in 2010.

Alejo is proposing a process where local artists would submit volunteer designs and then the Board of Supervisors would choose one to adopt. He encourages artists to consider color schemes and elements from various parts of the county's history.

Once a design is chosen, the cost to produce the flag will be less that $500.

"Monterey County was the place of the first California Constitutional Convention in 1849 and contained the State Capital under the Mexican and Spanish-eras of our state. With so much historic significance, we have never had our own official flag and that time has now come," said Supervisor Alejo. "I think it will become a symbol of civic pride for our county and invites local artists to be part of the historic process. It will be a huge honor to have your design chosen."

The referral will be placed on the Board of Supervisors agenda within the next 6 weeks to adopt a process and open a period for artists to submit flag design proposals.

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