Monterey County Sheriff's Office Bomb Squad conducts special training in Castroville

CASTROVILLE, Calif. - The Monterey County Sheriff's Office would like the public to be aware of a Bomb Squad training that took place Wednesday in Castroville.

Small explosions were set off in abandoned housing sounding similar to fireworks at 11287 Seymour St and 11541 Speegle throughout the day.

Officials said the training is very controlled and the bomb squad took all safety precautions. They used the soon-to-be demolished housing as invaluable training.

Commander Mark Caldwell said, "our goal is to use the least amount of explosives necessary  to achieve the job which would be to make entry safely. We don't want any collateral damage. If we had to use an explosive tool to gain entry to a residence or a commercial building or school we practice on doors like this to make sure we know what we're using and the end result of it."

If you have any further questions, you are asked to contact the Office at (831) 755-3700.

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