Monterey County Sheriff's Office cancels National Night Out due to the Soberanes Fire

Pacific Grove organizes its frist event, invites deputies

Monterey County deputies cancel 'National Night Out'

PACIFIC GROVE, Calif. - The Soberanes Fire is having a lasting impact on the Central Coast.

On Tuesday, the Monterey County Sheriff's Office canceled what would have been its third National Night Out celebration due to increased workload associated with the fire. 

"We made the decision last Tuesday," said Donna Galletti of the Monterey County Sheriff's Office. "We had our resources depleted for our National Night Out event."

When the Pacific Grove Police Department found out, they invited the deputies to celebrate with them.

This is the first National Night Out for the PG police, and they say it's starting strong.

"This is the first for our town and we are glad to see, for example, the Sheriff's Office and it's right here at the moment, here with us tonight," Pacific Grove Mayor Bill Kampe said. "I know they are busy with a lot of things in the county right now, so we are wishing them well."

"I think it's a great idea. Anything that brings the community out together [with] the people that spend their lives taking care of us, I think it's a great idea," Pacific Grove resident Susan O'Brien said.  

An idea and event that can also have a lasting impact, especially on the community's youngest.

"Once I saw videos, I really, really want to be it, but I don't know why I want to be it. Then I want to be a police officer for forever," six-year-old Lexi Tebedo said. "I'm going to work out, clean up my mess, and I'm going to do what people tell me to."

The Monterey County Sheriff's Office hopes to reschedule the event after the fire is stopped.

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