Monterey County to decide on oil drilling permits

MONTEREY COUNTY, Calif. - The Monterey County Board of Supervisors will determine Tuesday whether to allow a new oil and gas project to move forward. 

Biologist said it would be the first major oil and gas project since county voters passed Measure Z, a land-use law banning new wells in the county. 

Trio Petroleum is appealing the planning commission's denial of a permit that would've allowed the Bakersfield-based company to drill new wells in an undeveloped oil field in Monterey County. 

“The voters were loud and clear that we don’t want expanded oil development in our community,” said Dr. Laura Solorio, a member of Protect Monterey County, Measure Z’s official sponsor. “The planning commission made the right call. We just can’t keep drilling new wells forever. It’s time to move away from fossil fuels and toward a safer, healthier future.”

The company said it would potentially lead to dozens more production wells and millions of barrels of oil. 


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