Monterey County votes to move into vacant building

Monterey County leaders decide to move into Capital One building

story-- regarding back to our top 3 back to our top story-- regarding the big decision just made by monterey county--- to buy and move into the vacant capital one building in salinas.. news channel 5's monica jacquez just got out of the meeting and joins us now live... 3 with the latest on today's big decision, monica. 3 the monterey county board of supervisors just passed to purchase the capital one building 3 to was about 3 hours of public comment and back and fourth discussion. along with the purchase was a special condition.. that if an offer from a private employer came to purchase the building in the next six months the 3 county would pull out. 3 the mayor of salinas spoke and asked the board to take more time to review the purchase and talk to the public more. public speakers both for and against addressed the board. finally the board came to a decision to spend the $13 million dollars in net cost to purchase the building. supervisors armento and salinas both

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