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Alleged Victims Say They Were Targeted By King City Police

Half Of Accused King City Police Officers To Be Arraigned Monday

King City Police Accused of Targeting Undocumented Workers

KING CITY, Calif. - With the arraignment of half of the King City officers facing embezzlement and bribery charges set for Monday, alleged victims came forward to Central Coast News to share their story.

The Apostolic Assembly Church is right across the street from the police department and is home to 100 members, 90 percent of them are undocumented, the church said.

The pastor says many of them say they were under a constant microscope from King City police, two of them spoke to Central Coast News through a Spanish translator but wished to remain anonymous.

"He was pulled over for crossing a white line already fading away at a stop sign," said a field irrigator through his translator. "He tried to communicate with the officer that the white line was invisible and they completely gave him no opportunity."

Then, this undocumented field irrigator said, his car was impounded at Miller's Towing. And so did an undocumented grape-picker Central Coast News spoke with.

Miller's Towing is owned by acting Police Chief Bruce Miller's brother, Brian. The Monterey County District Attorney said both are facing charges for bribery and reselling the impounded cars to other police officers.

"He feels like he gets targeted," said the grape-picker through his translator.

And because of that, these two workers say they limit their driving to only work and church..

But with one-third of the police department not on duty, are these workers still scared to drive around?

"Not anymore," the field irrigator said.

Sunday the Police Officers Association met to discuss how to handle the allegations. The POA told Central Coast News it plans to put our a news release soon.

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