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Attorney General Kamala Harris addresses King City Investigation

Attorney General Kamala Harris says she's aware of investigation on officers in King City

MONTEREY, Calif. - California Attorney General Kamala Harris spoke at the California Police Chief's Association conference in Monterey on Wednesday.

"I know that District Attorney Dean Flippo is dealing with the case," said Harris.

Harris addressed reporters about the King City case after speaking to police chiefs from all over the state.

When asked about the lack of trust the King City community has on law enforcement - after six officers were arrested for charges ranging from embezzlement to bribery, Harris said, "The men and women of law enforcement do the work at great personnel sacrifice everyday of keeping safe, often- people- they will never meet or know their name." 

Harris did not address whether the state will get involved with the investigation but when asked whether the action's of the King City officers reflect law enforcement in the state as a whole, Harris said, "The reason why you are covering this story is because it is so very rare. That's why you are covering it."

During her speech to the police chiefs, Harris addressed the need for local law enforcement to use new technology to help fight crime. Harris gave her word, that her office is committed to help police fund new technology. 

Harris also spoke about her work to help counties affected by the state realignment. She said her office is focused on grant funding from the federal level and said the state already has some commitments from the Department of Justice.

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