Monterey County

Big Sur Rock Slides Cause Dangerous Road Conditions

Heavy rain impacted different parts of California

Five Days of Rain Creates Hazards

BIG SUR, Calif. - After four days of straight rain, the Central Coast was dealing with crazy weather conditions. With that, comes dangerous road conditions up and down the state, including Big Sur where there were two separate rock slides overnight.

Signs were posted on Highway 1 on Sunday warning motorists to watch out for slides. The fog was so thick that it made it difficult for drivers to see on the roadways.

Early Sunday morning, there was a rock slide just south of Julia Pfeiffer Burns State Park that shut down the northbound lane. Cal Trans had it cleaned up by noon.

No one was hurt, but it definitely is a stern warning from the hillside to be alert.

Up and down the coast, heavy rain caused a mudslide to bury a truck in Sonoma County.

San Francisco is drenched and winds blasted Sacramento, uprooting a couple of trees

The California Highway Patrol wants to remind drivers to slow down, increase their following distance of the car in front, and turn on their headlights when windshield wipers are on.

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