Monterey County

Cal-Am donates rain barrels to Monterey County schools

PACIFIC GROVE, Calif. - California American Water has donated rain barrels to several Monterey County schools to help them collect and save water.

Throughout the past month, the barrels were installed at Pacific Grove Middle School, Walter Colton Middle School, Pacific Grove Adult School, Ord Terrace Elementary School and King Elementary School.

It's estimated they'll help save a minimum of 8,500 gallons of water during an annual rainfall year on the Monterey Peninsula.

California American Water also sponsored the building of garden beds at the Pacific Grove Lighthouse Preschool.

Rain barrels also were given to MEarth, an environmental education nonprofit center in Carmel.

Each of these schools will use the rain barrels as educational tools in their gardens. Each rain barrel has a water level indicator and spigot that allows the students to draw water directly from the barrel.

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