Monterey County

Campaign efforts reach final hours for both sides of Measure O debate

MONTEREY, Calif. - For both "Yes on O" and "No on O," Monday was the final push for the campaigns to get voters to think about who they are going to vote for Tuesday.

Knocking on doors, working the phones and pounding the pavement is all a part of the process for Yes on O's Larry Parrish and his fight to make the Peninsula's water supply public. He's hit nearly 400 houses in a 10-day span.

"It seems like it's been about a year but it's been a couple of months I think," he said.

Parrish and the rest of his fellow supporters have an uphill battle against the big spending No on O campaign to keep water private.

"The other side has $2.5 million, we have volunteers that care about the issues and care about their water rate," said Angel Melchor, Measure O's campaign manager.

"You have an idea and it's great but then you have a plan that's solid and people are now choosing between an idea or a plan," said Carlos Ramos, No on O's spokesperson.

The plan Ramos referenced is to move forward with California American Water's desalination project, which could come to a halt if Measure O passes.


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