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Carmel-based youth fitness program serves 15,000 students

CARMEL, Calif. - A youth fitness program run by the Big Sur International Marathon has surpassed its goal of reaching 15,000 children in a single school year.

JUST RUN was founded nearly nine years ago and has now logged two million miles into the system. Each year the program begins anew, registering schools and individual classes or grade levels into a web-based system.

Enrollment has been steadily climbing, with last year's participation totaling 11,418. this year, the organization's goal was to reach 15,000 students during the 2013-2014 school year.

JUST RUN programs are administered in 122 schools throughout 15 states.

"This is phenomenal for us," said Susan Love, JUST RUN program director. "It took six years to reach one million miles and just three to gain another million. The program is definitely growing in size and stature throughout our region and beyond."

JUST RUN was started in 2005 as a means to combat childhood obesity and related illnesses, though the fitness program has had many other benefits too, according to participants.

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