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Carmel Youth Center needs your help

The Carmel Youth Center looking is volunteers for the AT&T National Pro-Am

CARMEL, Calif. - The Carmel Youth Center is a staple on the Central Coast. It was opened in 1949 by Bing Crosby two years after he started the Crosby Open, known today as the AT&T National Pro-Am.

"In an effort to fundraise for the youth center, he would allow us to bring mobile concession tents and sell concession," said Carmel Youth Center Development Director at the Kymberli Osoer.

Since then, a percentage of concession profits have gone to the center, making up one-third of its funding, funding they need.

"We don't get any funding from the city," said Osoer.

In order to get the funding, they have to provide volunteers to man the concessions.

"This year we are having such a hard time finding volunteers during the week," she said.

They need 800 volunteers and so far only have 300.

One big project is the game room at the center. The game room is not open yet they plan to open it in the summer with fundraising from the Pro-Am

"One of the biggest misconceptions is that people have about this place is that we have all these rich kids from Carmel and they all have so much money. The kids that we have, don't necessarily have a lot of money. We have a lot of single parents, working parents, a lot of grandparents raising grandkids," said Osoer.

The money would help keep the after-school program and summer programs that over 70 kids take part in.

"This is kind of a second home to them," said Osoer.

The center is looking for tent volunteers at four-hour shifts. Anyone is welcome to help.

"You get to help the youth center stay alive," said Osoer.

For more information on how you can help volunteer go to

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