Monterey County

Crime Reports 1.2.2014

Monterey County Daily Patrol Log

Date of Report: 1/1/2014
Time of Report: 00:36
Deputy Name: Lopez, Rodrigo
Report Number: 00002-14
Charges: 647(f) PC
Suspect Arrested Y/N: Yes
Arrestee: Nicholas Guerrero
Location: Highway 1, Big Sur
Synopsis: (S) was arrested for being drunk in public.

Date of Report: 1/1/2014
Time of Report: 12:24
Deputy Name: Monahan, Kevin
Report Number: 00008-14
Charges: 5150 W&I.
Suspect Arrested Y/N: No
Arrestee: None
Location: Castroville
Synopsis: On 1-1-14 approximately 1224 hours, A 5150 W&I. was reported in the 11300 block of Merritt St. in Castroville.

Date of Report: 1/1/2014
Time of Report: 14:16
Deputy Name: Foster, Dianna
Report Number: 00013-14
Charges: M14
Suspect Arrested Y/N: No
Arrestee: None
Location: san juan rd @ pleasant acres, aromas
Synopsis: Subject located a gun on the side of the roadway and turned it over to law enforcement.

Date of Report: 1/1/2014
Time of Report: 13:03
Deputy Name: Monahan, Kevin
Report Number: 00009-14
Charges: 23152 CVC.
Suspect Arrested Y/N: Yes
Arrestee: Celso Antonio
Location: Salinas
Synopsis: On 1-1-14 approximately 1303 hours, a DUI driver was arrested at E. Market and Griffin St. in Salinas.

Date of Report: 1/1/2014
Time of Report: 13:10
Deputy Name: Hughes, David
Report Number: 00011-14
Charges: M-15
Suspect Arrested Y/N:  
Arrestee: None
Location: soledad
Synopsis: RP reports a civil issue with his landlord

Date of Report: 1/1/2014
Time of Report: 17:46
Deputy Name: Najem, Aly
Report Number: 00017-14
Charges: PC 246; PC 664/187
Suspect Arrested Y/N: No
Arrestee: None
Location: Intersection of Geil and Koester in Castroville
Synopsis: An unknown suspect on foot fired two shots from a 9mm handgun at the victims, who were in a vehicle at the intersection of Geil and Koester in Castroville. V1 was driving the vehicle with V2-V5 as passengers. None of the occupants or vehicle were struck.

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