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Del Rey Oaks dog owners displeased with new fee

Del Rey Oaks dog owners displeased with new fee

DEL REY OAKS, Calif. - A plan by the city of Del Rey Oaks to charge dog owners $120 per year, per dog, to register and use the dog park isn't sitting well with some residents.

Dog owners will have to pay the fee and provide proof of vaccinations and licensing to use the park. The new policy would take effect Jan. 1.

Many dog owners aren't happy with what they see as being charged to use the park.

"Absolutely not - we're not going going to pay to bring them to a park," said Rachael Mull, who moved to Monterey County from Michigan with her two dogs, Lucy and Desi. 

But city officials say that the fees will help offset the costs of maintaining the park, from fixing the grass and gopher holes to keeping the park stocked with dog waste bags. The park costs about $1,400 annually to maintain.

"Personally I can afford to pay it (the fee,) but I know so many people who can't," said resident Diane Locicero-McWhorter. "I only have one dog, which amounts to $10 a month."

Locicero-McWhorter encourages other dog owners on the Monterey Peninsula to come to the Del Rey Oaks City Council meeting on Tuesday, Aug. 26 at 6 p.m. to air their grievances with the plan.

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