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Double-amputee veteran cycling cross-country for charity

Double amputee Rob Jones, an Afghanistan vet, is cycling across the country to raise awareness and money for veterans' organizations.

MONTEREY, Calif. - Rob Jones lost both legs above his knee in 2010 while serving in Afghanistan with the U.S. Marines when he setpped on an IED. His recovery hasn't been easy, but Jones has committed himself to biking across the country to raise money for organizations that help injured veterans such as himself.

Jones learned to ride an upright bike without having knees, quads, calves, ankles or feet. He uses special prosthetic "biking legs" built from mountain bike shocks, elastic bands, metal hings and sockets.

In October, he left on bike from Bar Harbor, Maine and he's cycled more than 4,700 miles since then. His goal is to reach Camp Pendleton, which he expects to do on April 12. So far, he's biked through 18 states, raising awareness for our nation's injured veterans and working to raise $1 million for the nationally-recognized charities that helped his own recovery.  He rides about 30 miles each day.

You can follow along with Jones' journey on his website, Facebook page and Twitter feed. His website even includes downloadable maps of the route he has taken.

On Monday Jones passed through Monterey County, with planned stops throughout the county.

Central Coast News reporter Michelle Pulido met with Jones in Monterey and Marina Monday morning. She'll have the full story on his inspirational trip on Monday's evening newscast.

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