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Fake Gun Sparks Controversy At Gonzales Elementary School

One Parent Mad He Wasn't Informed Right Away

GONZALES, Calif. - An investigation is underway Friday at El Gloria Elementary School after a third-grader threatened to shoot a fellow classmate.

The father of the girl who was threatened spoke to Central Coast News but wished to remain anonymous.

"If your kid misses school, what happens? You get a call from the school later on that day," the father said.

The father is wondering why he wasn't notified right away when his daughter was threatened last week.

"Is that an exception to the rule do not notify the parents?" he said.

Let's start from the beginning.

Last Friday night, the father found out through the family babysitter that his third-grade daughter was told by her classmate last Wednesday he would shoot her after she said she didn't want to talk to him.

Two days later, that same classmate brought a toy gun to school. Fortunately, he was caught before something happened.

The gun has an orange tip , orange trigger and shoots rubber pellets. The gun says it's safe to use for kids 3 and up.

Despite the fact that it clearly is a plastic gun, the Gonzales Unified School District says that no weapon of any kind is allowed on campus

The district said it informed parents of the investigation this week.

"The school takes this very seriously, the district takes this very seriously," said Superintendent Liz Modena. "So comments that we're trying to sweep this under the rug have been made we wouldn't be standing out here talking to you if we were trying to sweep it under the rug."

As for the boy caught with the gun, the father says he wants him to learn a lesson.

"I don't want the boy to suffer any severe punishments," he said. "Maybe help him, give him some gun education, gun safety."

The boy's punishment has yet to be determined by the district. He has not been at school all this week.

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