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Federal class action lawsuit filed against King City, police

KING CITY, Calif. -  A press conference was held today by the two lawyers who filed a federal class action lawsuit against King City and police officers in the wake of the arrest of six officers.

The suit, filed this week, specifically names the city, acting police chief Bruce Edward Miller, former police chief Nick Baldiviez, Sgt. Bobby Javier Carrillo, and officers Mario Mottu, Sr. and Jaime Andrade. It also names Brian Miller, brother of Bruce Miller and owner of Miller's Towing.

The complaint states that "plaintiff Jesus Garcia, for himself and all others similarly situated, brings this action against the defendants named herein for appropriate legal and equitable relief for defendants' egregious, outrageous, deliberate, and persistent pattern of wrongful conduct that deprived the name plaintiff and members of the class of their property without due process of law and in contravention of the United States Constitution in violation of the Civil Rights Act."

The full lawsuit can be read here.

Central Coast News reporter Cassandra Arsenault is following the story and will have further details later this afternoon.

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