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First Great Pacific Race rowers cross finish line in Hawaii

HONOLULU, Hawaii - The first team in the Great Pacific Race to cross the finish line in Hawaii accomplished the feat late Tuesday afternoon.

Uniting Nations was the first in the race to finish the more than 2,000 mile trek from Monterey Bay to the area of Diamond Head in O'ahu.

On June 7th, the teams from around the world set out on the 2,400 mile journey on the world's largest ocean from Monterey.

Each boat carries no sails or engines and is only moved by the muscle of the crew pulling on the oars.

The Great Pacific Race started more than 40 days ago and has been declared the "biggest, baddest human endurance challenge on the planet."

Uniting Nations is a four-person team. Competitors also were participating in teams of two and solo, though all four solo entrants dropped out of the race.

Finish information can be viewed here.

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