Monterey County

Gonzales gets state grant for constructing stormwater basins

GONZALES, Calif. - The city of Gonzales is among 27 recipients statewide of grants from the state Water Resources Control Board for low-impact development stormwater treatment plants.

Low Impact Development stormwater treatment projects are designed to use landscape features to capture stormwater and clean up pollutants. The projects should also be effective drought response tools, with improved recharge of local groundwater that helps preserve local water supplies.

Gonzales is receiving a $460,180 grant for the construction of 18 small-scale bioretention basins along the residential streets of the city's Old Town section. The basins will reduce pollutant discharges to the Lower Salinas River, which more pollutant impairment listings than any water body in the Central Coast.

More information about the Water Board's grants program is here.

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