Monterey County

Holman Highway roundabout moves forward

MONTEREY, Calif. - Plans to relieve congestion near the intersection of Route 68/Holman Highway and the Highway 1 southbound exit ramp are moving forward.

The Transportation Agency for Monterey County's board of directors on Wednesday approved Wednesday. During the meeting, the TAMC Board of Directors approved $3.2 million to complete funding for construction of the roundabout.

At Wednesday evening's Monterey City Council meeting, staff members presented an update on the status of the Holman Highway 68 Roundabout Project to the council and kicked off a two-year public outreach and education campaign.

The city of Monterey has been working to design this roundabout to replace the existing traffic signals near the entrance to Pebble Beach and Community Hospital.

A roundabout was decided upon for a number of reasons. Officials believe it will increase safety, cost less, reduce pollution, save more than 200 Monterey Pine trees and be more efficient overall.

Construction is expected to begin in September 2015.

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