Monterey County

'Just Filthy': SPCA rescues 17 neglected cats

Officers say conditions weren't even great for humans

PRUNEDALE, Calif. - Blackie Road in Prundale was where SPCA of Monterey County rescued 17 neglected cats from an illegal trailer.

Humane Investigator Stacie McGrady was at the rescue and described the scene by saying, "The trailer was just filthy. I mean there was garbage, everywhere. There's unclean litter boxes that are spilling over with cat litter, and there was sanitation issues with her own bathroom area."

McGrady said the woman, as well as the cats were living inside filth, feces, and urine.

"It is a really sad situation, this elderly woman was living in a travel trailer," she said. "A camping trailer, which is not meant for a person to live in full time anyway."

Today, all of the cats seem to be okay and improving. They have been treated for fleas, been put on antibiotics, and have been cleaned and bathed.

SPCA of Monterey County has turned the investigation over to the Monterey County district attorney. The goal now is to make sure the woman gets the help she needs and isn't allowed to have anymore cats.

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