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King City Officer Andrade pushes back arraignment for the second time.

Second time around, there's no plea entered

King City officers appear in court

SALINAS, Calif. - King City officer, Jaimie Andrade was in court Monday on charges of possession of an assault weapon, and illegal storage of a firearm. For the first time, the defendent talked to Central Coast News Cameras.

This was the second time Andrade didn't enter a plea and pushed back his arraignment. In this this particular case, prosecutor Steve Somers says it's because his attorney is from out of town, and they need more time. Somers says generally the District Attorney's Office prefers to push the cases forward, but he says extra time will allow them to gather more evidence.

In Andrade's case, Somers says it wasn't inappropriate for Andrade and his attorney to push back the arraignment, and he says it won't affect the outcome of the case or the evidence.

Today, when Central Coast News Reporter asked Andrade about the charges against him, he spoke to our camers for the first time.

"No right now I have no comment, we are just waiting for our court date, and once we have a court date, everything will be revealed then," says Andrade.

Andrade and his attorney had no comment on why they pushed back the arraignment for the second time.

Andrade will be back in court for arraignment on April 11. 

Former Chief Nick Baldiviez and Mario Mottu Sr. will be in court Tuesday to set up a date for their preliminary hearing. 

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