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Lucius gets boost from Republican party

Republicans: Congressional seat is up for grabs

MONTEREY, Calif. - A congressional seat long held by Democrats is being heavily hunted by the other side.

Republican leaders see California's 20th congressional seat as one they could take a back for the first time in around 40 years.

Today the National Republican Congressional Campaign Committee placed Casey Lucius into their "Young Guns" program, effectively saying they think the GOP can win back the 20th congressional seat, despite its long history of Democratic control. The seat is being vacated by Democrat Sam Farr, who will be retiring. Before him was Leon Panetta and Farr's father, both Democrats. And Panetta's son Jimmy is now seeking the seat. Candidate and political analyst explain why now is the time for republicans to strike.

"It was a Republican 40 years ago, it hasn't been for 40 years, and we really haven't had too many Republicans run for this seat in 40 years, so it's really exciting that this year. Voters really have a choice," said Candidate Casey Lucius.

"Barbara Boxer is retiring so the senate seat is open. So there's a lot of questions about who's gonna be, what's gonna happen, who's gonna turn out, who's gonna vote, how's the ticket gonna be marked," said Political Analyst Dr. David Anderson.

Dr. Anderson added that a Republican winning the seat might be somewhat of a longshot, but if it was going to happen, now would be the time. Seeing so many Democratic icons retiring or leaving office is opening the door for Republican candidates to potentially get in.

The voters will have their opportunity to have their voice heard in the voting booth next month for local primaries while the national elections will be held in November.

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