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Marina man accused of production of child pornography

FBI agents raid Marina home Wednesday morning

FBI raids home in Marina, man arrested for child porn

MARINA, Calif. - FBI agents stormed a Marina man's home Wednesday morning, seizing computers and laptops. The arrest follows a complaint filed in New York on child pornography charges.

The federal complaint was filed Wednesday and it accuses Dennis Whitt of production of child pornography. Federal prosecutors said the complaint comes from the Northern District office in New York.

Whitt was at marina when FBI agents arrested him. Neighbors say the raid began around 6:30 a.m.

The Santa Clara County Sexual Assault and Felony Enforcement Unit assisted the FBI with the raid, as well as the Marina Police Department.

"We were just like, 'Oh my God, what happened?' it must be something big if the FBI was involved, they had a surveillance van out here, numerous, numerous cars. A crazy, crazy circus out here," said Ashley Aguilar, neighbor.

Sources tell us Whitt worked at Best Buy in Marina but recently took a job at a Central Coast FedEx.

Neighbors said they never saw Whitt and he did not interact with anyone.

"This guy, I've never met him hes always kept to himself. Twice I've been to his door, nobody would answer the door. He has this big dog and I always think, 'Why doesn't he walk his dog?'" said Cherri Wilson, neighbor.

Neighbors also said two people lived in the Marina home. A woman was seen driving away from the home after the raid.

Whitt was taken to the Bay Area and according to court records, was scheduled to make his first appearance at the San Jose U.S. Courthouse Wednesday afternoon. Stay tuned with Central Coast News with those developments.

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