Monterey County

Monterey Abalone Company honored as a small business

MONTEREY, Calif. - Monterey Abalone Company was honored by Assembly member Mark Stone at California Small Business Day Tuesday.

As small business of the year in district 29, Monterey Abalone Company was celebrated for its hard work and dedication to the community.

Stone said he based his selection on the company's "stellar reputation for sustainable aquaculture practices and for demonstrating how ecology and commerce can strike a healthy balance."

Monterey Abalone Company began farming California Red Abalone in 1992.  

Central Coast News anchor Jasmine Viel spoke with co-owner Trevor Fay in May about his lucrative business located under the wooden planks of Fishermans Wharf.

Fay's said it's helping to feed a hungry market for the much sought after seafood, but it's also fighting one of California's most damaging environmental crimes-- poaching.

California Small Business Day honored 81 small businesses for their contribution to the state's economy.

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